Niels Terwiesch


About me

Hi! I'm Niels, a student studying logic, information, and computation at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in mathematics and computer science.


Fullstack / Mobile

More detail? See below.


I'm originally from Philadelphia. I row and cycle competitively. I love tennis, paddle, and pickle ball. German + American citizen.



Python / JavaScript / Java / React / Django / HTML / CSS


C / C++ / SQL / Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Flask

Current Responsibilities

Logic, Information, and Computation

2019 - 2023

"The Logic, Information, and Computation Program offers students the opportunity to engage in a systematic, integrative program of study within the School of Arts and Sciences. Logic remains one of the core disciplines in investigations of information and computation. Indeed, logic is playing a major role in advances in computer security, database technology, networking, and software engineering." - LGIC@Penn

Penn Lightweight Rowing

2019 - 2023

Rowing at Penn has been the single most defining aspect of my college experience. Surrounded by a tight-knit group of competitive individuals the sport, and the team, consistently push me to my mental and physical limits.


2020 -

Currently in development, LOG2N specializes on explaining mathematics and its relationship to computer science. It is built upon notes from some of my favorite classes and textbooks.

2016 -

This website! Since starting to code 8 years ago I have an endless supply of old projects to look through and document. I also ocassionally publish things I am currently thinking about.

Past Responsibilities

Harriton High School


I graduated Harriton High School in 2019. While at Harriton, I participated in Physics Olympics, the Technology Student Association, and was a member of the rowing team. I remember my history and physics classes most fondly.

Google Code In


Google Code In was my first exposure to open source and production level development. I participated for two years first as a contributor to FOSSASIA then as a contributor to Zulip, an opensource alternative to Slack.